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Hi Brett, Dennis,
I want to express my appreciation for your efforts in providing me with this extraordinary Paul Reed Smith 513, serial number 221401.  I have been playing electric guitars for 50 years but I have never experienced an instrument to compare with this before now.
I will always be grateful for your excellent choices evident in this Moore Music exclusive model, made available through the PRS Wood Library program.  Marrying the Korina neck and body to the African Blackwood fretboard, and then adding the incomparable Quilted Maple 10 Top, was an inspiration which could only have been born of experience and a true love of the instrument.  The tasty balance of meaningful features with price point made this purchase a deal I could not pass up.  Brett, I believe I detected a note of  "sorry to see that one go" in your voice when we made the deal.
It is almost impossible to not be made glassy-eyed by the visual beauty of the Black/Gold Burst Wrap finish.  I consider the Bird Fretboard Inlays which are Mother of Pearl with Paua Shell rims to be a gift from Paul Reed Smith and the guys at the factory.  They are beyond all expectation, and are framed in spectacular fashion against the dark African Blackwood.  Weighing in at about 6 1/2 lbs the guitar feels weightless.
But all of that fades against the striking presence and chime of the guitar's oh-so-musical tone.  The five single coil pickups are muscular and uncolored, belting out more of the sound from the strings than anything I have encountered.  It's perfect for me.  Big old single coils that team up and stroll off into Humbuckerland when you want them to!  Oh yeah, this guitar is a good time.  A real gunslinger's six shooter.  I'm running it through a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100 and, depending on the venue, 2, 4 or 6 Celestion Vintage 30's.
I had no idea that when I clicked on that email from a music store I had never heard of before (I'm on the East Coast and you're in the Midwest),  I would own a guitar of legend a few hours later.
Thanks again.  You guys are the best!
Steven F.


Dennis, I received the Martin 000-15m and it is an amazing guitar. Thank you for all your help during the guitar selection process. The setup is great, the guitar arrived quickly and was well packaged. 

I’m looking to forward to enjoying this instrument for years to come. I will definitely recommend your store to others and if I decide to purchase another guitar in the future my first check with be with Moore Music. 
Thank you again,
R E New


Hi Dennis
How’s that for service?
5 days from order to delivery across the world from Indiana to The Blue Mountains, Sydney Australia.
The guitar arrived in mint condition.
“Dennis at Moore Music provides the best customer experience and service ACROSS the world!”
Thanks for the great price, exceptional instrument and gold standard customer service.


-To Moore Music,

I have had my PRS P24 trem Moore Music Exclusive for about 7 months now and can officially confirm that it is my "desert island" guitar.  I would like to express my gratitude for the care that Dennis put into making this  experience an exceptional one.  It is apparent that he still knows what it is like to want "that guitar" so bad that you can't rest until it is hanging from your shoulders!

On this occasion, the service I received from Dennis went above and beyond what could be expected.  He spend time chatting with me first thing on a Sunday morning and answered each of my questions with a true player's perspective.  When all my questions were answered, he worked with me until he saw to it that my dream guitar became a reality.

I received the guitar in the worst cold spell that my area had seen in a long time. When I asked Dennis for extra "check-out" time so I could let the guitar acclimate to its new home, it took minutes to get an emphatic "yes"

The guitar was just as Dennis described.  While he expressed a hunch that I might appreciate this guitar even more when I plugged it in, there was never a feeling that I was getting "sold" something.  When I played the guitar, I quickly knew what he meant and he was dead on!

Since that time I have chatted with Dennis about the beautiful guitars at your store and I always feel like a welcome old friend.

So thank you Dennis and Moore Music, for making my guitar dreams come true!



-Excellent service (Dennis called me personally, didn't have to wait for a reply to an email/message), excellent pricing, guitar arrived exactly as advertised, set up and in tune! I will definitely look to Dennis @ Moore next time I'm in the market!


-Awesome company to deal with before and after the sale. Dennis goes out of his way to find what you need and his customer service is second to none! HIGHLY recommended!


-This guitar is perfect and I've already bonded with it in a way that rarely happens for me. It's a keeper!

Thanks so much! -Eric


-Thanks for your amazing service with my PRS P24. 

With all the guitars I have accumulated over 30 years of playing, I’ve always been extremely averse to buying a new one without seeing/touching/feeling/playing it first. After all, we’re talking about a high priced item where sound, touch and sight are critical — none of which lend themselves to a purchase via the internet. 
But somehow, you guys cracked the code. You allowed me to overcome all those boundaries and find the most perfect instrument I have ever played (and I already have a fairly nice arsenal!).
In my business (Wall Street), I deal entirely with the retail sector, and spend much of my time vetting out the best retail business models with CEOs. I might be a mediocre guitarist, but I know the factors that go into creating a World Class business on one-of-a-kind product and second-to-none customer service. Apparently you do too.
Thanks you again for your time.
You’ll definitely hear from me again.

Regards, Brian-Connecticut


-Dennis, just wanted you to know the PRS Angelus SE arrived in perfect condition! I want to thank you for your awesome service and a great deal, you obviously run a first rate business with old fashion "real customer service" which is greatly appreciated these days! The guitar is awesome and I am very pleased with its finish and playability - it is an excellent guitar even if it isn't american made- PRS standards are certainly evident! Thx again!

Sincerely, Kent



Got the guitar yesterday.. I love it. It beats my les Paul custom to pieces in quality, sound and playability. You guys are awesome to deal with. The best in the business as far as my experience.... and that includes better than __________. Thanks again and merry Christmas.



-Hi Dennis, Greg here....the Knaggs Severn showed up yesterday safe and sound....What a beauty she is. Played her a little last night and she's a major step up from the Fender American Deluxe IMO....she flat sings....appreciate your return policy but you ain't getting this lady back :)


-Brett and Ed,

Had to say thanks for the personal attention last night when Connor and I were there. He was convinced he wanted a particular guitar and Brett had him take the "blind challenge" and he actually ended up picking the Breedlove guitar. Having him blindly play 4 different guitars so he could listen and feel instead of just saying I want a certain name guitar was brilliant and made a lasting impression on how we will pick future instruments. What a great learning experience and it made a big impression, we'll be customers for life. You've done a great job taking what Pat Moore built and expanding on it for generations to come.

Bobby and Connor


-Great store and recording studio, you inspire me to shred!


-I wanted to thank Brett and Ed for the awesome deal on the PRS Kingfisher bass yesterday. I am really loving it and it's working out so perfect for me and my style of playing! Thanks again and I can't wait to come back on the 20th for the PRS event!



-Hi Brett - just wanted to send you and Dennis a note of thanks for taking care of my guitar purchase so smoothly. The chat feature on you website is an excellent way to maintain the person-to-person aspect of an internet shopping experience and was influential in making my decision. (Although the great deal on the Breedlove Atlas D350 didn't hurt either!)

I was also impressed by your and Dennis's knowledge of your guitars and the service you provided over the phone, the internet, and when I visited your shop - well worth my 2-hour drive from Bloomington. 

I'll surely recommend your shop to anyone I know looking for a guitar and will return to your shop and website for additional music needs (and wants!). 

Thanks again and Happy New Year!


-To whom it may concern,

Please share this email with Kim Breedlove and the powers that be. I want to share a truly amazing story of how impressed I am with Breedlove and with my local Breedlove dealer.

About two months ago, I purchased a Breedlove 250/sbe Passport Plus guitar from my local Guitar Center. After about a month or so, I noticed a harsh buzzing up the neck and the high E was unplayable from the 8th to the 13th frets. I took it back to guitar center and it was clear that the tech was not sure of what he was doing. He told me to wait and I watched him take off the strings. He then adjust both truss rods - fairly extremely to try to raise the height of the strings. This didn't look right to me and I downloaded the owners manual and tried to show it to him - it specifically said not to mess with the bridge truss system.

They put in a new saddle and it helped - but it didn't fix the problem. I needed the guitar back, however. I am the rabbi at the only congregation in Evansville, Indiana and I use the guitar for worship as does our music leader.

Four weeks later - just a couple of days ago - I had the same problem. I decided to email Breedlove directly. I had a great experience whey I bought my new Breedlove Crossover Mandolin from Moore Music in Evansville, so I asked if I should go to them instead of GC. I got a response back right away from Ngan Le who was awesome and told me to go to Moore Music. I also emailed both Brett and Ed from Moore Music and they told me to come in.

What happened next was amazing. When I got to the store, Brett and Ed and one other employee looked at the guitar and saw immediately that it was faulty. The neck joint was not seated and that was the problem. Brett then offered to "swap out" one of their guitars to give me so I would have one for worship and so I would be happy. Breedlove agreed to replace their model that Brett and Ed swapped me!

They did not carry the exact model and the only way to find a high gloss guitar with the bridge Truss system was to go into the more expensive Atlas line. Brett called Breedlove and they authorized giving me a new Atlas Studio D250/Sre - a more expensive guitar. All I had to pay for was shipping the old guitar back to Oregon. I was amazed. I didn't even buy the original guitar at Moore Music. 

I have shared this story with everyone I can and I will share it with my entire congregation. Every week they see me up there with a Breedlove guitar (and now a Breedlove Mandolin as well.) They will know what a great store Moore Music is and what an amazing company Breedlove is to work with. Not only do you make the most beautiful guitars which seem to provide great value and sound for the money - you stand by your products like no other company I have ever dealt with.

I will be a Breedlove customer for life. - Gary


-After much research, YouTube vids, message boards, and my desire to NOT visit every local music shop in NYC, I found the new Fender Stratocaster I was looking for at an unbeatable price. I chatted online with Dennis about price, setup, shipping, etc... and I had confidence in purchasing thorough their online store. The guitar arrived via FedEx in two days and it was setup beautifully. I recommend this shop to those looking for online purchase reliability / accountability.



-I recently went through the process of selecting and purchasing a new amp. After watching every YouTube video from every manufacturer and retailer, I decided on a Paul Reed Smith Custom 20. There is something about Paul that I really liked. He seemed like a man that wouldn't settle for anything short of a perfect product. Plus he's cool! So I called the shop and spoke with Brian. He answered all of my questions and was very knowledgeable. And more importantly, friendly. That means a lot these days. 

   This was a big purchase for me so I wanted to do my research. I read everything I could and called everyone that stocked the product I wanted. Moore Music stood out. Dennis was the gentleman I had most contact with. His customer service was unparalleled. 

   Needless to say, I love the amp. You truly can't make it sound bad. This has been one of the most pleasurable purchases and experiences I've ever had. From any type of business. I can't wait to do business with them again. Once I sell everything I have, except my new amp and my children, I'm going to buy the PRS P245. And I will definitely be buying it from Moore Music. 

  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping my dreams come true. 






I just wanted to send some kudos to Dennis & the rest of your team. I've purchased two PRS guitars from Moore now and have received the best customer service, compared to all other guitar shops I've dealt with, both times! You guys are doing a great job of making online guitar buying easy and pleasurable. Thanks for the deals and attention!




 Just wanted to drop a line and let you know I am extremely pleased with the attention to customer service you provided me over the past weekend.  It is a lost art nowadays, I know as I handle several major accounts in my industry and you provided the kind of service I provide my clients.  Your store is amazing as well.  Plan on being a repeat customer now that I've managed to establish a rapport with you guys.  The McCarty is amazing, I'm enjoying dialing her in on my boogie and my vintage twin.  Next up will be another amp head, and planning on getting it there.  I'm kind of meticulous about my gear, as you could tell I spend a bit of time with them before purchasing.  I GREATLY appreciate you guys not rushing me, even though you were fairly busy.  Anyway, great store, great personnel and great gear!  I've been singing your praises since my visit.  I will be back!

Thanks again bud,

Dave R